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June 1, 2015


Photo of sign for dog park opening soon. WHEN? THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 5th, 2015 at 6:30pm
Join us for the opening of the first El Dorado Hills off-leash dog park located behind the ball fields at Community Park, close to the creek.
Photo of dog park.
Advertisement of dog park grand opening
A Memorial Brick will honor your canine companion or provide evergreen advertising for your business and will grace the borders of the winding walkway to the new dog park.

"After many years of fundraising while also raising the community's awareness of the importance of off-leash dog parks, El Dorado County will now have its second such amenity on the Western Slope of the Sierra Nevada's in El Dorado Hills at Community Park. With the guidance of the El Dorado Dog Owners Guild (EDDOG) Board of Directors, hundreds and hundreds of community supporters, the various incarnations of the El Dorado Hills Community Services District (EDHCSD) BOD, General Managers and fantastic staff, all groups were represented when the many shovels were put into the ground in support of the pups at the groundbreaking on April 9th. We finally have another safe haven in which our canine companions can run freely. Well done by all!"

Holly Morrison, President, EDDOG

Limited parking this weekend at Hacienda Park, Cameron Park

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be having their semi-annual Conference this coming weekend. While the Hacienda Park lot will remain open parking will not be available on either side of Hacienda Road or in the Church parking lot from 5pm on Saturday, June 6th, until 1pm on Sunday, June 7th. Extra parking will be available a block away on Sabana, east of the LDS Church off Hacienda Rd.

Thank you for your co-operation.


Due to a conflict with a CPCSD Budget Meeting

the time of our regular meeting has been delayed by one hour


Wednesday, June 3rd, at 8 pm

Cameron Park Community Center

2502 Country Club Drive, CA 95682


Saturday, August 15th
Laps at the Lake registration 9:00am
Run/walk 9:30am
Pooch Plunge at 10:00am
Cameron Park Lake
The most fun day of the year for our dogs!

Sue Hawkes
PR Chair

Three dogs


July 29, 2014

El Dorado Hills Community Park Dog Park Approved by El Dorado County Planning Commission!

Those of you who have participated in EDDOG activities or followed our progress for the last 8 years will understand and share our excitement that there will finally be an off-leash dog park in El Dorado Hills! This year! 2014!

On July 24th, the El Dorado Planning Commission approved (by a 4 to 0 decision) the new location and plans for a dog park at Community Park on El Dorado Hills Blvd. It has been a long time coming. At a special Board Meeting in June 2013 the Directors of El Dorado Hills Community Services District (EDHCSD) voted unanimously to approve a budget for the 2014 fiscal year that included an additional $50K for the off-leash dog park and together with $50K budgeted in prior years provided a substantial nest egg for its development.

The original plan for the park was estimated to cost several hundred thousand dollars and had been languishing on the books for years. We owe special thanks to EDHCSD General Manager, Brent Dennis, who spearheaded the latest iteration of the dog park. He was inspired by a visit to Hacienda Park in Cameron Park, where EDDOG was instrumental in raising funds and constructing the first off-leash dog park on the Western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in collaboration with our partners, Cameron Park Community Services District. On returning to Community Park Brent located a new site for the EDH dog park, situated similarly in the shade of lovely oak trees, and developed a plan that will provide our dogs with a wonderful place to play! His hand drawn plans are shown below.

Proposed park plan

The newly approved dog park will be located on the west side of New York Creek (blue line) adjacent to the ball fields that have been undergoing renovation this Spring. It is smaller than originally envisioned, but still incorporating a large-dog area (outlined in yellow) and a small-dog area (outlined in orange) with a focal entry plaza displaying the Memorial Bricks that you can purchase through EDDOG to commemorate your canine companions. This will be adjacent to the new bridge that crosses the creek. The bonus? The projected cost of the new park is approximately one third that of previous estimates from several years ago.

EDDOG will continue to raise funds for dog park fixtures such as water fountains and benches. We look forward to working with Brent, his staff and the EDHCSD Board of Directors to make this park a reality and an amenity of which our community can be proud.

A park to be proud to have in your community

So we thank all who may have written or called the Planning Commission in support of this project and provided encouragement over the years. Thank you to Aaron Mount, Associate Planner, County of El Dorado, who lead the charge for the county and gave his recommendation to approve the project. And to everyone who spoke on behalf of the dog park: Brent Dennis (General Manager EDHCSD), Kevin Loewen (Director Parks and Planning, EDHCSD), Noelle Mattock EDHCSD Board President speaking as a citizen), Wayne Lowery (current EDHCSD Board Member, ex General Manager of 20 years and speaking as a citizen), Holly Morrison (EDDOG President) and Supervisor Ron Mikulaco (EDC, District 1) - thank you!

There were no opposing voices at the meeting!

To quote Holly: "Congratulations to us all and to all the pups who have been waiting for a safe place to run freely in El Dorado Hills!"

November 18, 2013

"New dog park, Hacienda Park, Cameron Park. Video shot by Lynn Morse. What a great day to be a DOG!"


Hacienda Park, Cameron Park Drive/Hacienda Road, Cameron Park

We are beyond excited! After negotiations with fence contractors over the summer and counting every last penny from our fund raising efforts to construct the fence at Hacienda Park, the real deal came through within days. The anticipation of reaching our goal to build the first off-leash park on the Western Slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains was palpable! At 8 am on Monday, November 11th, the crew of Golden State Fence Company, Inc. was at Hacienda Park with their auger turning, ready to start digging. By 9:15 am, half of the post holes had been dug, and by 4 pm, two days' worth of work was complete ... all holes dug, posts placed and cemented in.

So many years of reviewing the site plan on a piece of paper which depicted the small and large dog park areas, whose perimeters we walked so many times, checking and rechecking, to finally be standing on the grass in the middle of the large dog park yesterday and seeing the fence fabric in place, with EDDOGs' dream being realized - well, it was surreal. That was a long sentence but the park has been a long time coming! The fences & double gates were completed on Friday and it was time for... PAWS ON THE GROUND!

There is still much to do (see below) but at least you will be able to toss those leashes and let your dogs run free!

There are so many people to thank by name, as this has been a project eight years in the making. So, to avoid missing a single person in the rush to broadcast this good news we shall save the roses for another newsletter and for our celebration - an official grand opening that EDDOG is planning for the Spring.

You are all, big and small, invited to the party! Click on the photo to see a video clip of the park....

Play clip of dogs in the new park.

Thank you to Golden State Fence Company, Inc. that gave us such a fabulous deal with superior product and an amazingly efficient work crew. And thank you to Cameron Park Community Services District (CPCSD) for their partnership over the years, local businesses who made donations to our many fundraisers and park infrastructure materials, Eagle Scouts for their many hours of dedicated work, our volunteers who have helped at so many events and to the EDDOG Board members, past and present, for their hard work, tenacity and endurance. Finally, thank YOU, all who are reading this, for your wonderful support.

EDDOG President, Holly Morrison, who deserves garlands of roses, said recently: "We began this project when most of the dogs of the core group of founders were mere pups. While those same canines are now mostly grey in their muzzles and may not move as fast as they used to, our extended family has grown to include ALL the pups in the community. We are thrilled that they will be able to play together in the safe and lovely environment of Hacienda Park. Please come and share this special place with us!"

El Dorado Hills Update - Another park on the way!

Progress on the El Dorado Hills Community Services District (EDHCSD) dog park at Community Fields is also proceeding smoothly. The El Dorado County Planning Department required certain elements to be completed as part of the review/approval process. A noise assessment study and a soils test, to address any concerns over sound and naturally occurring asbestos, have both been successfully completed with favorable results. The Special Use Permit revision request is being sent to the Planning Commission as an agenda item. Construction is planned for Spring 2014 in conjunction with athletic field renovations to consolidate costs and minimize disruption of community enjoyment of the park. Stay tuned!!

See more ...

June 11, 2013

Hacienda Park Update

Hacienda ParkWe are really, really close to meeting our goal of $45,000 that will allow us to purchase and install the fencing! The first off-leash dog park on the Western Slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in El Dorado County, is within our reach!

Approximately 0.55 of an acre within Hacienda Park, off Cameron Park Drive and Hacienda Road, will accommodate large dogs and small dogs in separate areas where they can run free. It is a lovely park with a canopy of old oaks providing an attractive natural landscape during all seasons of the year and welcome shade during the heat of summer. I t is a perfect location in Cameron Park for county residents and their canines to socialize with one another, just enjoy a quiet stroll among the trees or commune with nature while the dogs sniff the grass! (Read more....)

May 5, 2012

Hard at work building the future off-leash dog park at Hacienda Park.Kevin Becker, in the white T-shirt, is shown hard at work with Family and friends on the future off-leash dog park at Hacienda Park. In this photo, taken Saturday May 5, 2012, they can be seen pouring cement pads on which restored stone picnic benches will be placed, up and out of the mud. Kevin is one of two scouts working to earn their Eagle Scout badges. Kevin's project involves stump grinding, trenching 1500 feet, laying the same amount of pvc irrigation and electrical line, rototilling, soil amendment and spreading 200 lbs of grass seed on what will be the large dog park area. Kevin's Father, Terry Becker, in the blue T-shirt and Tina Becker, Kevin's Mother, in the pink shirt, assist in managing Kevin's project and provide support for the volunteers.

Austin Mangelson, the second Eagle Scout candidate, will create 2 signs; a dog bone shaped 'fundraising thermometer' which will be placed on the corner of Cameron Park Drive and Hacienda Road and another with all of the dog park rules. Additionally, he will plot, plant and provide irrigation for 18 new trees. The trees are part of the El Dorado County oak mitigation program and will replace the canopy from the 13 dead and dying oak trees that were removed at the beginning of the park construction.

The project, on land provided by the Cameron Park Community Services District (CPCSD), is sponsored and funded by the El Dorado Dog Owners Guild(EDDOG). To donate funds to complete the park, volunteer or provide sponsorship for EDDOG, please visit www.eddog.org, email to eddogdogpark@gmail.com or call 530.676.9699.

February 3, 2012

Update on El Dorado Hills off-leash dog park. The El Dorado Hills Community Services District Board of Directors voted 4-0 last Thursday to approve the grading of the designated small & large dog parks at the Community Park. This will be a big boost to moving forward with fundraising! In addition, a bridge construction was approved which will allow dogs and walkers to cross New York Creek, avoiding having to walk on St. Andrews Road to get to the parks. All access will be from the large parking lot. Very happy with the progress! 

Want to help spread the word in El Dorado Hills? Come to our monthly membership meetings...1st Wednesday of the month, upstairs in the Community Room, Nugget Market, El Dorado Hills, 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM. All Welcome! Holly Morrison-EDDOG President and Chairperson

December 22, 2010

Holiday Brick Promotion - Buy one brick and get one free! (Holiday Brick Promotion has ended. Please check back for future promotions)

August 29, 2010

Cameron Park and El Dorado Hills Community Services Districts each have allocated city land for the exclusive use as off-leash dog parks due to the concerted efforts on the part of EDDOG volunteers!

Land was officially approved for an off–leash dog park in Cameron Park in January 2008 and for El Dorado Hills in February 2009.  Cameron Park was granted the Hacienda Park, approximately .55 acre of land, and 1.75 acres for El Dorado Hills.  The establishment of the location of these dog parks has required cooperation between residents and local government. Further work to complete these projects will continue to require cooperation between local residents and government to be able to complete these goals to open the dog parks.

So far, EDDOG has been allocated $5,000 for Cameron Park and $50,000 for El Dorado Hills by working closely with the Cameron Park Community Services District (CPCSD) and El Dorado Hills Community Services District (EDHCSD). The latter is in the process of obtaining design plans for the construction of the El Dorado Hills Dog Park at Community Park.

In 2010, EDDOG began to leverage social networking sites to further reach out and engage the community, local businesses, and common interest groups to help towards reaching its goal and fundraising efforts.

Hacienda Park, Cameron Park

Cameron Park dog park area

The Cameron Park CSD has designated a half-acre in Hacienda Park, located at the northeast corner of Cameron Park Drive and Hacienda Drive. EDDOG has completed the architectural design for its Hacienda Dog Park at Hacienda Park in Cameron Park.

Although land has been designated, EDDOG realizes the importance of maintaining visibility by going to monthly meetings or special planning meetings as appropriate with the respective CSDs.

Fundraising Progress

Cameron Park goal

Community Park, El Dorado Hills

El Dorado Hills community dog park area

The dog park slated for El Dorado Hills will comprise a total of 2 acres located at the north end of Community Park adjacent to the soccer field at El Dorado Hills Blvd. and St Andrews Dr. The park will feature separate areas for small and large dogs.

Fundraising Progress

El Dorado Hills goal

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