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Training Tip

Does your dog pass the guest test?

By Ann King, Certified Dog Obedience Trainer & EDDOG Board Member

As dog lovers we tend to be extremely tolerant of what some might perceive as “unmannerly” behavior by our dogs. After all, we’re used to our Bulldog’s habit of smooshing his face (and sometimes-drooly mouth) up against our leg to say “welcome home”. We don’t mind when our Yorkie jumps into our lap as we settle on the couch. And when our exuberant Golden thrusts her nose “south of the border” (wink wink), we understand that she’s just reacquainting herself with us after a long day.

While these normal dog behaviors might be no big deal on a regular day, imagine a gathering in your home for a special occasion (not to stress you out, but the holidays are coming) and suddenly your dog is embarrassing you all over the place.  Read more...

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