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Leeloo Leeloo is a 5 month old bundle of fuzzy energy! She is a black tri miniture Austrailian Shepherd. She is very smart and loves to play. Recently she just learned to swim and had her first kayaking experience. Her name comes from a character in a movie, The Fifth Element, representing the element love.

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Our Canine Community

Keppie and Lizzie

Keppie and Lizzie - the best of buddies - sibling border collies with enormous hearts and an unmatched joy for life. Lizzie is the master gardener, finding better and more extensive ways to redistribute the soil and mulch around the yard. She hasn't transplanted any of the vegetation yet - she is still in the construction phase. Keppie keeps guard and checks who walks by the front yard, calling his sister when he needs backup. In between, they run and leap over boulders and raised beds and nip around all the trees and bushes. They have designed their own agility course which changes every few minutes. They both come in first place! Indoors, Lizzie hides and Keppie seeks, playing this game every morning after breakfast. Keppie squeals at the top of his voice as he tries to catch her and runs in place as he slips on the stone floor - but she is warp-speed fast!

Keppie and Lizzie

Augie is a 10-year-old tri-colored Shetland Sheepdog who was rescued from Northern California Sheltie Rescue in 2002. He had lived in San Francisco, and was then sent to his foster mom in San Leandro. He was adopted by a family in El Dorado Hills who had a daughter in middle school. He is a sweet, smart and happy boy!


This is Buddy. He was sort of rescued from a family member who couldn't keep him because of his extreme dislike for cats. But don't hold that against him. He is the light of his owner's life and wakes up every day with a joy that only dogs have! He loves all of his millions of toys and he loves all people and dogs, just not cats.


Meet Casey. Casey is a 7-year-old Golden Retriever. He is a Big Love. He is a people person (dog). He loves to jump up and hug people.

Charity and Guappo

Charity and Guappo are both rescue dogs and they are the love of their owners' lives. They are both full of energy and love. Charity is a world class tennis ball retriever. Guappo is a world class love who thinks he is a lap dog.


Dolly was a Homeward Bound rescue dog. Her owners have never been so luck. She has the sweetest personality and loves children and other dogs. But watch your treats...Dolly is a chow-hound.


This is Enzo who is a bundle of energy. He loves to run and play and greet everyone he meets. He loves both dogs and people alike.

Hyatt III

Meet Hyatt III. He is a canine companion for independence "puppy in training."


Meet Jack. He is a 3-year-old Australian Shepherd. He thinks he's a lapdog and loves to lay on you. His full name is Jack Ilean Ruinstein because he is always leaning on you. We also call him "wiggle butt" because he doesn't have a tail, so his whole behind moves.


Koda was recently adopted from Chow in Grass Valley. He has a german shepherd body and a Chow face and tail. I named him Koda, which means "friend" in Sioux Indian. He's a real sweetheart and settling in nicely.


Stanley was adopted out of a Northern Nevada shelter, and is living a dream life at Lake Tahoe! He hikes, swims, and runs almost every day.


Meet Tahoe! He loves to swim and his special skill is saving surfers when they fall. He takes up just a little space in his owners bed, which his brother Zeus also share! Cozy!

Teddy Bear

Teddy is an outgoing guy! He loves meeting new friends and the dog park is his favorite place to be.


Meet Little. He was already aptly named when his death row sentence was commuted in 2009 and he became the smallest-ever member of Ann's pack. Little earns hazard pay at his job of chief relationship builder where he teaches big dogs and clueless puppies how to respect a little dog's personal space. Small but mighty, Little's nickname among his packmates is "El Patron" – he is definitely The Boss. He would like to sleep in Ann's and Tim's bedroom but unless he can share their pillows, why bother?


Meet Huge. He was rescued by Ann when he was 10 weeks old. Now 3, Huge's job is to help teach Ann's doggy clients how to hang out with other dogs by performing tasks such as sniffing butts, crowding the water bowl, and crossing personal space boundaries. It's a good gig for a deaf English Bulldog. He will never sleep in Ann's and Tim's bedroom due to his snoring and personal "wind-making" problems.


Meet Sierra. She is the senior member of Ann's pack, having joined as a sick foster puppy. Now that the kids are older and don't need herding in the driveway, Sierra's job is to teach Ann's doggy clients how to respect an 8-year-old grump's personal space. Her part-time job is companion to Ann's elderly father when Ann's mom goes on trips. She has earned the privilege of sleeping in Ann's and Tim's bedroom.


Merry is an easy-going care-free labradoodle. She is very sensitive and loving and loves to play frisbee as long as there isn't some new interesting scent to distract her. She loves to stop and smell the roses.


Pippin is an energetic labradoodle that thinks he is a toy poodle. He prefers to stay close near his humans and his favorite thing to do is retrieve his ball. He has an incredible vocabulary and enjoys hiking.


Meet Moxie, a miniture Australian Shepherd. Her humans are some of our recent volunteers. Moxie loves to fetch and do small tricks that make her humans happy. She often has opportunities to kayak, camp, hike through snow and enjoy time with her furry friends. She shares her home with her long-time companion Perkins, a Border Collie / Lab mix. They are best of friends.


Huki, a one-in-a-million special friend. Huki, has the kindred spirit of Native Americans and so her name is quite fitting. She is named after her unique charcoal color, and truely has mental powers beyond belief. She keenly senses danger and warns her master, and can also communicate long distances. Her deep stare can penetrate your sole and open your heart. She is truely the best of friends.


Ishi loves to go backpacking (wears his own pack). He would get excited when someone reels in a fish as he loved to eat the leftover fish heads. But he is truly a protector and guarded his family carefully. On trail hikes in the mountains, he would patrol the group from front to back to make sure everyone was accounted for. He kept the bears away too. Truely a loyal and noble friend.

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