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The Fifth Annual 'Pooch Plunge & Laps at the Lake' was held Saturday August 17, 2013 at Cameron Park Lake. This event was bigger than ever and everyone had a great time splashing and running.

Pooch plunging

Past Special Events for 2013

"New dog park, Hacienda Park, Cameron Park. Video shot by Lynn Morse. What a great day to be a DOG!"


Hacienda Park, Cameron Park Drive/Hacienda Road, Cameron Park

We are beyond excited! After negotiations with fence contractors over the summer and counting every last penny from our fund raising efforts to construct the fence at Hacienda Park, the real deal came through within days. The anticipation of reaching our goal to build the first off-leash park on the Western Slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains was palpable! At 8 am on Monday, November 11th, the crew of Golden State Fence Company, Inc. was at Hacienda Park with their auger turning, ready to start digging. By 9:15 am, half of the post holes had been dug, and by 4 pm, two days' worth of work was complete ... all holes dug, posts placed and cemented in.

So many years of reviewing the site plan on a piece of paper which depicted the small and large dog park areas, whose perimeters we walked so many times, checking and rechecking, to finally be standing on the grass in the middle of the large dog park yesterday and seeing the fence fabric in place, with EDDOGs' dream being realized - well, it was surreal. That was a long sentence but the park has been a long time coming! The fences & double gates were completed on Friday and it was time for... PAWS ON THE GROUND!

There is still much to do (see below) but at least you will be able to toss those leashes and let your dogs run free!

There are so many people to thank by name, as this has been a project eight years in the making. So, to avoid missing a single person in the rush to broadcast this good news we shall save the roses for another newsletter and for our celebration - an official grand opening that EDDOG is planning for the Spring.

You are all, big and small, invited to the party! Click on the photo to see a video clip of the park....

Play clip of dogs in the new park.

Thank you to Golden State Fence Company, Inc. that gave us such a fabulous deal with superior product and an amazingly efficient work crew. And thank you to Cameron Park Community Services District (CPCSD) for their partnership over the years, local businesses who made donations to our many fundraisers and park infrastructure materials, Eagle Scouts for their many hours of dedicated work, our volunteers who have helped at so many events and to the EDDOG Board members, past and present, for their hard work, tenacity and endurance. Finally, thank YOU, all who are reading this, for your wonderful support.

EDDOG President, Holly Morrison, who deserves garlands of roses, said recently: "We began this project when most of the dogs of the core group of founders were mere pups. While those same canines are now mostly grey in their muzzles and may not move as fast as they used to, our extended family has grown to include ALL the pups in the community. We are thrilled that they will be able to play together in the safe and lovely environment of Hacienda Park. Please come and share this special place with us!"

El Dorado Hills Update - Another park on the way!

Progress on the El Dorado Hills Community Services District (EDHCSD) dog park at Community Fields is also proceeding smoothly. The El Dorado County Planning Department required certain elements to be completed as part of the review/approval process. A noise assessment study and a soils test, to address any concerns over sound and naturally occurring asbestos, have both been successfully completed with favorable results. The Special Use Permit revision request is being sent to the Planning Commission as an agenda item. Construction is planned for Spring 2014 in conjunction with athletic field renovations to consolidate costs and minimize disruption of community enjoyment of the park. Stay tuned!!

See more ...

Applebee's Fundraiser was a big success!

Pancake fundraiser at ApplebeesMany people joined EDDOG for a delicious pancake breakfast to help raise money for the off-leash dog park fencing!
The donations of only $10/ticket went go directly to the fence fund.

This was a great fundraiser... with the breakfast as a bonus.

Reds, Whites & Jewels Event

In partnership with the Cameron Park Community Services District (CPCSD), EDDOG will once again participate in the upcoming event fundraiser, 'Reds, Whites & Jewels', scheduled for Saturday February 02, 2013. EDDOG is hosting a regional wine tasting at the event with all donations going to the non-profit's effort to build the first off-leash dog park in El Dorado County in Cameron Park at Hacienda Park. Please come out and support the volunteers who will be offering refreshing Mimosa's, Starbucks coffee and tasty locally produced El Dorado County red & white wines. Come bid on fabulous silent auction gift baskets and gift certificates from local retailers!Jewels

EDDOG is accepting donations of local wines. If you would like to donate a bottle or help out the day of the event, please email us at eddogdogpark@gmail.com or call 530.676.9699 to make arrangements.

This is a fun event featuring many local jewelry designers. There is no event entry fee.

Please come and support our fundraising efforts!

What: "Reds, Whites & Jewels"
When: Saturday, February 02, 2013
What time: 11 AM- 4 PM
Where: Cameron Park Community Center, 2502 Country Club Drive, Cameron Park

Past Special Events for 2012

EDDOG had a wonderful time this Spring as we participated in two fundraisers.

In conjunction with the Cameron Park Community Services District (CPCSD), we had a successful wine tasting at the event- 'Reds, Whites & Jewels' hosted on Saturday February 04, 2012. At a second event, Spring Antique, Craft & Garden Show, held also at the CPCSD Community Center, EDDOG had a wine tasting, coffee, Danish & Mimosa fund raising event on Saturday May 12, 2012.

We would like to thank our sponsors, donors & volunteers for their assistance in helping us fundraise for the off-leash dog park at Hacienda Park:

Cameron Park Community Services District (CPCSD) & Staff, Kelly McPherson & David Yancy, JoanneBlossom & Robert Haltom, Starbucks-Green Valley Road-Cameron Park, Boeger Winery, Madrona Winery, Paula Franz, Camino Hotel, Campelli's Pizza, Crystal Basin Winery, Jodar Winery, Sierra Pulmonary, Bumgarner, Fidleton, Grace Patriot Wines, Sports Clips, Food 4 Less, Lees' Feed, World Market-Folsom, Cameron Park Five Star Self Storage, Gerald Lillpop, Lynn Morse, Kristen Schalkoord, Gary & Karen Ellis, Michael Morrison, Scott Gross, Guinnavere Maher, Corinna Maher, Tasha Karidis, Shirley Hyatt, Kathleen Hinds and Holly Morrison. EDDOG send out a huge THANK YOU to all our sponsors and volunteers, without whose generous donations of products, time and sense of community, we would not be as far in our fundraising goal as we are. The prize will be the completion of the off-leash dog park at Hacienda Park in Cameron Park. If YOU would like to donate to the cause, please go to our DONATION page and give what you can... 'Buy-a-Brick'!

Thank you!


Pooch Plunge 2012 ...

...was a huge success! There was a total of 152 dogs participating, comprising 42 breeds, including a category called "mixed breeds." Some of the commonly known mixed breeds have their own category. In the number one slot (as always) is the Labrador Retriever with 30 attending! Number 2 is the mixed breeds with 22 attendees and number 3 are the Golden Retriever’s with 16 attendees. All attendees were appreciated, regardless of size or the size of their barks! (See below for full count.)

Breed Count Breed Count Breed Count Breed Count Breed Count
Labrador Retriever 34 Maltipoo 3 Siberian Husky 2 Cocker Spaniel 1 Poodle 1
Mixed breed 28 Pomeranian 3 St. Bernard 2 German Shepherd 1 Portuguese Pointer 1
Golden Retriever 12 Schnauzer 3 Staffordshire Terrier/Pit Bull 2 German Shorthair Pointer 1 Schnoodle 1
Australian Shepherd 5 Basset Hound 2 Weimaraner 2 German Wirehair Pointer 1 Shepherd 1
Breed not indicated 4 Beagle 2 Whippet 2 Griffon 1 Tibetan Terrier 1
Labradoodle 4 Bernese 2 Chihuahua 2 Keeshond 1 Viszla 1
Standard Poodle 4 Boston Terrier 2 Alaskan Husky 1 Kelpie 1 Wheaton 1
Australian Cattle Dog 3 Daschund 2 American Bulldog 1 Miniature American Eskimo 1 Wirehair Pointer Griffen 1
Golden Doodle 3 Doberman 2 Border Collie 1 Newfoundland 1 Yorkshire Terrer 1
Hound 3 English Springer Spaniel 3 Boxer 1 Pekingese 1 Total 159


18 communities were represented...some pups came quite a distance in order to get their swim on!
Auburn, Cameron Park, Camino, El Dorado, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, Folsom, Gold River, Granite Bay, Half Moon Bay, Placerville, Newcastle, Rancho Cordova, Rescue, Rocklin, Sacramento, Shingle Springs

Photos of Your Pooch

Photos of your pooch playing in the water, visiting with other dogs, or just looking adorable are now available for purchase through "Picture the Pawsibilities Pet Photography". The 2012 Pooch Plunge & Laps at the Lake photographs are ready for you to view and order your favorite shots.

We so appreciate the donation of Lynn Mann for her time and expertise at the event. Please help EDDOG support her efforts -- purchase some photos, book her for your own event or pet portrait. And 20% of all proceeds from Picture the Pawsibilities will go back to EDDOG!

Go to this link now to make your purchases: http://www.picturethepawsibilities.com/galleries/eddog-pooch-plunge-laps-at-the-lake/

Once again the El Dorado Dog Owners Guild (EDDOG) was fortunate to have very generous donors who provided exciting items for our raffle prizes and silent auction items at the 4th Annual 'Pooch Plunge & Laps at the Lake' event held Saturday August 18, 2012, at Cameron Park Lake in Cameron Park, California.

EDDOG wishes to thank the following donors for their support of our 4th Annual 'Pooch Plunge & Laps at the Lake! Many items were worth over $100+!!! All proceeds from the raffle prizes & silent auction items will go to the building of the off-leash dog park at Hacienda Park in Cameron Park. We also thank the Cameron Park Community Services District (CPCSD) for their sponsorship and ongoing support of our efforts. Please do your best to support the vendors and local retailers listed below who support our grass-root efforts!

  • Angie Stamm-Meridian Veterinary Care
  • Applebee's
  • Bill Kilfoyle-Animal Communicator
  • Blue Ravine Animal Hospital
  • Bubba's
  • Candystrike
  • Car-izma Auto Spa
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Chili's
  • Classy Clips Pet Grooming
  • Companion Animal Hospital
  • Crepe Town
  • Debi Gunter
  • Delphine Ukalovic
  • Doctors Foster and Smith
  • Doggles
  • El Dorado Pet Club-Kerry McBride
  • Sue Hawkes with www.flyingfurpetportraits.com
  • Folsom Dog Resort
  • Green Acres-Folsom
  • Grooming Galleria
  • Hampton Inn Suites-Folsom
  • High Sierra Quilters
  • Joanne Blossom & Robert Haltom
  • Joyce Auteri
  • Karen & Gary Ellis
  • LaRocca Winery
  • Lee's Feed
  • Linda Kelly - Premier Designs
  • Local Bark
  • Mia Sorella
  • Natural Balance
  • Nature's Variety
  • Nugget Market
  • Paint Spot
  • Pampering Pickle
  • Petco
  • Petsmart
  • Picture the Pawsabilities
  • Pups-N-Cups-Sherry Brodie
  • Residence Inn Marriott
  • River Coyote Design
  • RPM PhotoArt
  • Ruffhaus
  • Sam's Club
  • sBarkles
  • Shingle Springs Veterinary Clinic
  • Smith Flat Animal Hosp.
  • SportsClips
  • Starbuck's Coffee Company
  • The Winesmith
  • Thundershirts
  • Trader Joe's
  • UC Davis Veterinary Blood Bank
  • Uppity Pup
  • Vetericyn
  • VIPpetcare
  • Waggers
  • World Market

Our beloved canines got to participate in a fantastic 'Dogs Gone Wild' day at the beach of swimming & playing off-leash & the dog owners had the opportunity this year to participate in an organized WALK with their on-leash dogs around the lake. To begin the day, EDDOG also sponsored an organized 5K RUN — 3 laps at the lake - without dogs. Beautiful ribbons were awarded for all finishers. It was a very exciting beginning to a joyous day!

We were able to create the best day of our canine companions year but we sure needed a lot of help, and we got it! EDDOG would like to thank our generous SPONSORS, VENDORS and VOLUNTEERS who all showed up to make sure our pups and their human companions were treated to a day of sun, sand, surf and many, many tennis balls.

El Dorado Dog Owners Guild (EDDOG)
Cameron Park Community Services District (CPCSD)
Bark Avenue
Lee's Feed
Nature's Variety
Western Feed & Pet Supply
Cameron Park Community Foundation
Waste Connections
Parks Make Life Better
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Clarke
Sherri Wagner & Michael Doherty
El Dorado Dog Owners Guild (EDDOG)
Shingle Springs Veterinary Clinic-Dean Bader
Lee's Feed
Christl's Creations
Classy Clips Pet Grooming
Dirty Dogs
Nature's Variety
UC Davis Veterinary Blood Bank
What's Behind the Behavior
XS Energy Smoothies
Clay Day Studio
Uppity Pup
Picture the Pawsibilities
Animal Outreach of the Motherlode
El Dorado County Animal Services
Farm Fresh To You
Holly Morrison
Karen Ellis
Gary Ellis
Scott Gross
Barbara Gross
Kelly McPherson
David Yancy
Wendi Mae Davis
Guinnavere Maher
Corinna Maher
Joanne Blossom
Robert Haltom
Tasha Karidis
Gerald Lillpop
Elaine Lillpop
Lynn Morse
Jan Williams
Shiela Wright
Jen Lew
Chris Wagner
Nina Daya
Celeste Dennis
Marie Halverson
Debi Gunter
Judy Gunter
Sue Hawkes
Judy Merten
Peggy Rodriguez
Terrie Carrozzella

Past Special Events for 2011

What a fun day we had at the 22nd Annual Show N' Shine & Fly-In, last Saturday, October 8, 2011 at Cameron Park Airpark!

Beautiful day, beautiful cars & amazing airplane fly-ins!

Show-n-Shine 2011
El Dorado Dog Owners Guild hosted a booth again this year. Several volunteers had a chance to meet & greet many dog owners and help them learn more about EDDOG & our efforts to build off-leash dog parks in El Dorado County. We had exciting drawing & silent auction items! Many thanks to Scott, Gary, Michael, Guinnavere, Corrina & Holly for their time!

This event has become an exciting, major community event, attracting over 2,500 visitors in 2010. Produced by Soroptimist of Cameron Park and El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park Rotary to fund a wide range of community programs & projects.

The turn-out was HUGE! Congratulations to these great groups who do so much in our community to assist others. We are proud to support them!

EDDOG was fortunate to have very generous donors who provided exciting items for our drawing prizes and silent auction at our 3rd Annual Pooch Plunge

EDDOG wishes to thank the following donors for their support of our 3rd Annual Pooch Plunge! Many items were worth over $100+!!! Our beloved canines got to participate in a fantastic 'Dogs Gone Wild' day at the beach of swimming & playing off-leash & the opportunity to walk around the lake. All proceeds from the drawing prizes & silent auction items will go to the building of the off-leash dog park at Hacienda Park in Cameron Park. We also thank the Cameron Park Community Services District for their sponsorship and ongoing support of our efforts. Please do your best to support the vendors and local retailers listed below who support our grass-root efforts!

Applebee'sHigh Level Wellness Lori Stymeist Sierra Dogs
Beauty 360High Sierra QuiltersMarriott Residence Inn---Folsom Sierra Nevada Recreation Corporation
Bob HaltomHolly MorrisonMeridian Veterinary CareSt.George Hotel
Bubba's Mexican and American Food Jake's Lucky Dogs---VendorMichelle Cattapan Starbuck's Coffee Company
Cameron Park FloristJoanne BlossomNature's Variety/Christy Prentice---VendorSusan Wickersham
Car-Izma Auto Spa KHHM Hot 103.5---Broadcast event live! Paula FrantzSutter Creek Wine Tasting
Cory HammaKaren & Gary EllisPups-N-Cups---VendorThe Paint Spot
Digital Anarchy Kovar's Satori Academy Cameron Park Rich's Ice Cream Catering---VendorUkalovic Vineyard
El Dorado Pet ClubLeah Marie Fashions Scott Gross Unleashed
Fernando's Costa Del SolLee's FeedSerafina CellarsUppity Pup
Guinnavere MaherLocal BarkShingle Springs Veterinary Clinic
(Dean Bader/Josh Throne, On-site Veterinarian)
Waggy's Petsitting
Hampton Inn & Suites---Folsom   

El Dorado Dog Owners Guild enjoyed being part of the public non-profit showcase mixer held on November 9, 2011 in El Dorado Hills sponsored by the El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Shingle Springs Cameron Park and El Dorado County Chambers of Commerce

Thank you for attending with us!

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